Does your home have a termite problem?

26 October 2020
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When you own your home, you will be aware of the many risks to the property that you will have to manage. You must ensure that your home electric system is in good condition to alleviate the risk of fire. You must think about the pipes and general plumbing in your home so that there is no risk of flooding. However, it's not just faulty utilities that could pose a risk to your home. You will need to consider the structure of your property as well. Are the roof, walls and ceiling of your home undamaged and structurally sound? This last question may not be as easy to answer as you might think. While your home may have been strong and solid when it was built, you can't be sure that it has stayed that way. One of the biggest problems faced by homeowners can be caused by termite infestation.

What's the problem with termites?

Despite their tiny sizes, termites can be a major headache for homeowners. If you suspect you have termites living in your home then you should arrange for a termite inspection as soon as possible. While you may have only just noticed the termites, it's possible that they have been busy destroying your home for months or years already. Some homeowners don't notice a termite infestation until the damage to their property becomes obvious, and by then it may already be too late to save the building. If the ceiling starts to sag or the walls show signs of bending then you could find that the termites have left you with little choice but to rebuild your home from the ground up.

Do you need a termite inspection?

If you want to prevent termites from destroying your home, then you must catch their activities early, and that means holding a termite inspection before their damage is readily apparent. While it is rare to see the termites that live within the walls of your home, there are signs that you can look for to see if you might have a problem. Two clear indicators of termite activity are damaged wood around your property. If you keep firewood near your home or even just have a wooden fence running up to the building, check it for signs of termite damage. Any wood near your home has the potential to draw termites to you. Are there any mud tubes showing on your walls? Mud tubes or muddy cracks are evidence of termites at work. If you see either of these signs, then arrange for a termite inspection from your local pest control company.