Non-Repellent Chemical Termite Barriers: A Cost-Effective Termite Solution

28 July 2023
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Subterranean termites cause millions of dollars of damage to homes and commercial buildings every year, so installing termite barriers can be a very sound investment. However, conventional physical barriers have a number of shortcomings.

Depending on your needs, chemical termite barriers may be a more economical and effective solution and can protect your home or business from termite damage for many years. Non-repellant termite barriers can be especially effective.

What Are Non-Repellant Chemical Termite Barriers?

To create a chemical termite barrier, a termite control service excavates a trench around your building. The soil within this trench is then treated with long-lasting termiticidal chemicals, which bind to the soil and remain effective for years. Any subterranean termites that dig through the soil to try and access your building are poisoned and destroyed. 

Conventional chemical termite barriers are made using chemicals that repel termites, forcing them to turn away from your vulnerable building. Non-repellant chemical termite barriers use termiticides which are just as lethal to termites but do not have a repellent effect. The termites will continue to dig through the treated soil until they die.

The chemicals used in non-repellant barriers are slow-acting and can be spread easily between termites. Poisoned termites will live long enough to return to their colonies, spreading the deadly chemicals throughout their ranks before dying.

Why Choose Non-Repellant Chemical Termite Barriers?

Non-repellant chemical termite barriers have a number of advantages over both conventional chemical barriers and physical barriers:


Installing any type of termite barrier is a significant investment, but non-repellant chemical barriers are generally cheaper to install than physical barriers. They can also be installed more quickly, minimising labour costs and reducing downtime for commercial buildings.

Active Termite Control

While conventional chemical barriers and physical barriers will keep subterranean termites away from your building, non-repellant barriers actively kill termites that threaten your property, without you having to lift a finger. They can even destroy entire colonies if the poisoned termites spread the termiticides to their queens. This will help to minimise your long-term termite control costs.

Effective In All Soil Types

Physical barriers can be badly damaged by shifting and/or expansive soils and can be difficult to install in very rocky soil. Non-repellant chemical barriers can be installed easily in any type of soil, and their effectiveness is not diminished in shifting or expansive soils. Because the termiticidal chemicals bind to the soil, they cannot be washed away by groundwater, so they can be used effectively in wet, waterlogged soils.

Protect Neighbouring Buildings

Because non-repellant chemical termite barriers kill termites instead of just repelling them, they also serve to protect other buildings in your area that lack barriers. If you own several vulnerable buildings in a small area, want to protect your garden shed, or simply feel like doing a good turn for your neighbours, non-repellant barriers are ideal.

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