Have You Done All You Can To Protect Your Home From White Ants?

26 July 2022
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When it comes to pests that you have to look out for in Australia, many people think of the bigger ones like possums, rats, foxes and the many different types of birds that will try and nest in your roof. What a lot of people overlook (at their own peril) is the danger that white ants or termites can cause your home if you aren't fully protected. A lot of people have have not taken adequate precautions to protect themselves and later paid the price. Here are a few reasons why white ants pest control is important. Learn more about how preventative care is the best way to combat these little monsters.

Create A Wall

Walls and barriers have been used forever to try and prevent some attacker from affecting the sanctity of your home, and that still rings true as a form of protection against pests today. Whether you choose a very visible barrier, like metal flashing along the base of your home, or a pesticide placed underneath and around your home, both methods are very good at stopping advancing pests from engaging your property. If you do not have any kind of blockade, then you need to have a white ants pest control agent install one as soon as possible.

Be Aware

Apart from simply putting in the necessary precautions that every home should have against pests, you should also educate yourself on the signs of white ants. From windows and doors seeming to be constantly jammed to little trails of sandy-like material, white ants do leave a trail if you know how to look for it. Making sure that you, and all of your family, are informed about white ants does not take long and can be valuable information that helps you many years in the future.


If you live in an area with a higher risk amount of white ants, then using baiting methods can be a smart idea to get a warning of whether these little critters are liable to attack. These baits are placed outside of your home and can be easily checked every couple of weeks or even months. When you see that the bait on one of these traps has been taken, you can then pre-emptively strike the would-be intruders and be far more vigilant in your own home. Bait works well, but should always be a secondary plan of defence in addition to the first two elements listed above.