Which Proactive Termite Control Measures Are Best?

23 March 2021
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Dealing with a termite infestation after it has occurred is often more expensive and time-consuming than it otherwise would have been. In most cases, you will need a termite control expert to help you get rid of these unwanted pests. Of course, plenty of termites live in the bush without bothering people whatsoever. However, as soon as they start to build up their colony numbers on a property, they can cause all sorts of structural issues. As such, you should take a proactive approach, especially if there have been termites anywhere near to you that have been detected within the last few months. But, what are the most effective termite treatment options that will help prevent them in the first place?

Treat Your Woodwork

To begin with, a lot of termites will try to get access to the wooden parts of your building. Given that many homes in Australia have wooden beams or wooden weatherboarding, it is essential that these are properly protected. In the main, you can simply paint these sorts of wooden structures and this will be enough to prevent drywood termites from burrowing into them. However, in some cases, you may not want to alter the appearance of your building's wood. If so, you should simply varnish it to gain the same sort of protection.

Repair Crumbling Concrete

Both commercial premises and homes can suffer from subterranean termites if there are cracks to be found in concrete structures. Look at your driveway or other areas of hardstanding to see whether the concrete or cement is crumbling. If so, you should take action to patch it up. Repairing concrete is a relatively cost-effective termite control measure that does not take long to sort out. If you leave holes and cracks unattended to, however, then termites can work their way in and cause all sorts of damage. In the worst cases, you could even find that your foundations are undermined.

Apply Insecticides the Right Way

Another good termite control method is to spray pesticides around. Bear in mind that this sort of termite treatment does not need to happen everywhere. Simply form a shallow trench around the boundary of your garden and spray an insecticide into it before covering it over. This will leave a chemical barrier in place that prevents termites from surviving for long if they cross it. Opt for a pesticide that specifically targets termites so that other insects are not harmed by this type of intervention.

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