Concrete Block Home? Why You Should Still Fear Termites

11 September 2020
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Few pests strike as much fear into the heart of an average Australian as the termite. These tiny insects live together in colonies that can number into the tens of thousands, and they can quickly eat through the most impressive wooden structure. Many homeowners do not realise that their property may be at risk, even if it is of concrete block construction. If you haven't taken any steps to counter this threat yet, what should you do next?


Clearly, a house that is based on a wood frame has more to lose than one that is primarily block. Yet even the latter must feature certain components made of wood, and an enterprising termite can still pose a risk.

Inside the Home

Termites move underground and are constantly in search of food. They will tend to stay in one location if the source is plentiful and so long as the area is dark and moist. This is why they often congregate behind a sheetrock wall and in between the inner and outer boundary. They will be able to crawl around the entire wooden structure and eat the beams and joists without any delay.

First Sight

When the time is right, a certain number of termites will transform into the winged variety. They will then leave their safe sanctuary and take flight in search of a new food source. If you are a homeowner, the first signs of trouble may be the presence of dead, winged termites in an interior room. They may have been unable to get out of the property and perished in their quest.

Bad News

If you do come across this site, then it's likely that you have quite a severe infestation and should be prepared for the worst. You will need to bring in a specialist who will zero in on the nest and will then be able to assess the extent of the damage.

Baiting Stations

Of course, you should not wait for such a nasty surprise, when you can take steps to block the termites outside your boundary. Pest control companies have many different strategies available and can set down traps all around the circumference of the home. When foraging termites come across these traps, they will feed on the bait within and take the poison back to their temporary underground nest. This will often kill the entire colony and will prevent them from moving forward and underneath your home.

Quick Action

If you haven't taken any action to stave off a termite infestation, don't delay. Call a pest control company for an initial consultation.