Termite Extermination Techniques

20 March 2020
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Termites can cause a great degree of damage to wooden furniture items and building fixtures. The good news is that there are plenty of local termite extermination service providers in nearly all Australian territories.

It helps to have an idea of what to expect with a termite extermination exercise so that you go into this activity fully prepared. In order to shed more light on this, three techniques commonly used for termite extermination are discussed below.

The Chemical Barrier

This is perhaps the least complex technique used for the extermination of termites. True to its name, this extermination technique involves the use of liquid chemicals to create a barrier that termites cannot get past.

In a large number of cases, a trench is dug around the house before being filled up with the killer chemicals. The soil around the house is also treated with the extermination chemicals in order to make the soil uninhabitable for termites. The use of a chemical barrier is limited to situations where the termite infestation has occurred outdoors rather than indoors, however. The barrier can be very effective at stopping termites from accessing the interior parts of your home.

The Use of Baits

The use of baits for termite extermination is referred to as baiting. When using this extermination technique, an exterminator will introduce untreated pieces of wood around the infested area in order to attract the termites. The pieces of wood will then be replaced with treated pieces of wood. Once the termites carry the treated wood back to their habitat, they share the treated wood with the rest of the colony. Once ingested, the chemicals present in the treated wood causes the death of these harmful insects.

Baiting as an extermination technique can be used for both indoor and outdoor termite infestations.

Tenting and Fumigation

The final technique that a commercial exterminator might recommend for your termite-infested home is referred to as tenting. This is the most complex and often most expensive technique used for the extermination of termites. Under this technique, your entire house will be covered using a tent before the tent is filled with a fumigation chemical. The chemical is able to penetrate into the structure of wooden fixtures, thereby effectively reaching the termites.

If an exterminator recommends that tenting is the most appropriate solution for your termite problems, you will need to make alternative arrangements for accommodation during the tenting and fumigation exercise. Talk to a pest control professional to learn more now.