Tips You Should Consider to Control Termites and Lessen Damages

14 March 2020
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One of the worst mistakes most property owners make today is to allow termites to build a colony near their properties. These pests launch attacks when you least expect by building underground tunnels, and if you aren't careful, your entire property could be destroyed in a few months. The termites will devour everything they come across as long as it's not made of metal or plastic. This means that your wooden doors, frames, flooring, furniture, roofing system, fence and other similar items will be at risk.

Luckily, you can put some termite control measures in place to avoid damages and expenses associated with the repairs. Get ahead of these notorious pests this season with the following tips.

Don't pile wood inside or close to your home

Termites are popularly known for their love of wood, so whenever they find wood, they must eat and infest the area. For this reason, it's crucial to avoid piling firewood near or in the house, particularly in the cold season. If you do and the termites find it, you can be sure they'll devour it and extend this to other wooden items in the house. Remember that they attack secretly so you'll probably not notice anything until it's too late. To make matters worse, it will be challenging to get rid of them once they have infested your home.

So, if you have stored woods in the house, consider removing them right away. You can keep them far from the building on a raised platform. Most people use metal or stone to raise the wood storage platforms.

Trim trees and foliage on your compound

Although most termite species like feeding on dead wood, some also consume live plants. Regardless of the type of trees and bushes you have in your compound, its crucial to trim the foliage and remove dead wood that may have come into contact with your house. This way, the termites that could be infesting the trees don't get the chance to enter the house.

Conduct regular termite inspections

While the aforementioned DIY protection techniques play a significant role in keeping termites away from your house, you also need to conduct termite inspections regularly. Take time to know some of the tell-tale signs that reveal the presence of termites, and then call a pest control expert if you suspect the property is infested. Even if you see some of these pests outdoors, do not assume they haven't entered the house. The expert will conduct another inspection and determine the best treatment method to use.