How to control tick infestation in your commercial premises

27 February 2020
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Mild winter conditions in many parts of the country provide ideal conditions for ticks to breed. Ticks emerge when the weather gets warmer- and they love trees such as pine, black oak, and southern red oak. With enough food and ideal weather conditions, ticks can rapidly increase in number around your commercial premises. In fact, there are certain periods of the year when ticks are present in unusually large numbers. They may hide in dense vegetation, tall blades of grass or bushes.

Why ticks are a nuisance

There are many reasons why you should be concerned about tick infestations. Not only do they attack animals, but they can also transmit diseases to humans. For example, Lyme disease (characterised by fever, fatigue and skin rashes) is spread by ticks. The condition gets even worse if not treated in time by antibiotics. You're also probably aware of how ticks can affect livestock and pets. If you own a commercial farm or have many pets near your commercial property, a tick infestation can be particularly troubling. Ticks also have an indirect effect on other pest infestations. For example, ticks provide food for rats and mice, which can make these rodents enjoy spending time in or around your property.

Tick bites can be particularly irritable for humans. They cause soreness on the skin, and the tick itself can be difficult to remove. And because ticks target open skin, you may find yourself (or your guests) being bitten when wearing T-shirts, shorts or other loose clothing.  

Tips for preventing tick infestation in your commercial premises

The best way of tackling a tick infestation is to detect the problem early. When the weather gets warm, you should check for tick activity near trees or dense shrubs. Furthermore, cut long grass as soon as possible to control the overgrowth of vegetation. If you have a large outdoor space, try to create walkways for guests and employees. These footpaths will minimise contact with dense vegetation and ticks. It's also a good idea to check your pets and farm animals for ticks on a regular basis. Any sudden spike in infestation should be followed by professional treatment.

A pest control service is a critical resource when dealing with tick infestations. The right company can treat your outdoor space to prevent rapid breeding of ticks. Regular inspections will also control tick populations and help you (and your guests) avoid contracting tick-related diseases.

To learn more, contact a commercial pest control company.