Aggressive Neighbours: Why You Don’t Want to Share Your Property With European Wasps

5 October 2022
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If insects typically live outside, it's generally a safe bet that they won't be a problem for you. Generally, but not always. European wasps technically live outside, but the fact that they live in extremely close proximity to your home, in conjunction with their potentially aggressive nature, means that these winged menaces need to be dealt with as soon as they're noticed. A Lot of Wasps   It's estimated that there are more than 12,000 different species of wasps in Australia. Read More 

Have You Done All You Can To Protect Your Home From White Ants?

26 July 2022
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When it comes to pests that you have to look out for in Australia, many people think of the bigger ones like possums, rats, foxes and the many different types of birds that will try and nest in your roof. What a lot of people overlook (at their own peril) is the danger that white ants or termites can cause your home if you aren't fully protected. A lot of people have have not taken adequate precautions to protect themselves and later paid the price. Read More 

The Don’ts of DIY Wasp Control

16 February 2022
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Eradicating wasps from your home is a tricky business. While wasps only sting when they feel threatened, it does not mean they will not attack when you get too close, however innocuous. Besides, most wasp species are social insects that live in large colonies. Typically, wasps build their nests on the ground, on trees, under eves and between walls. If you find one in or around your house, you must call pest control services. Read More