Which Pest Control Measures Are Good For Termites?

29 December 2020
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Every year, termites cause many thousands of dollars worth of damage to both residential properties and commercial premises. They are found all over Australia and many species rarely come into contact with humans. However, some species like to make their colonies close to people which is when the problems tend to occur. If you know of termite infestations in your town or suburb, then these are the pest management steps you ought to be taking. Read More 

Does your home have a termite problem?

26 October 2020
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When you own your home, you will be aware of the many risks to the property that you will have to manage. You must ensure that your home electric system is in good condition to alleviate the risk of fire. You must think about the pipes and general plumbing in your home so that there is no risk of flooding. However, it's not just faulty utilities that could pose a risk to your home. Read More 

Concrete Block Home? Why You Should Still Fear Termites

11 September 2020
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Few pests strike as much fear into the heart of an average Australian as the termite. These tiny insects live together in colonies that can number into the tens of thousands, and they can quickly eat through the most impressive wooden structure. Many homeowners do not realise that their property may be at risk, even if it is of concrete block construction. If you haven't taken any steps to counter this threat yet, what should you do next? Read More 

Terminating Termites? Discover Why Eliminating Termites Yourself Is More Frustrating

27 May 2020
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Termites are among the most destructive pests, and they can infest your home anytime and cause incalculable damage. While most homeowners find a DIY approach the most convenient and affordable in eliminating termites, it often fails. Although your DIY pest control method might eliminate some termites, it might not eradicate the stubborn species. Some termite species are distinctly more dangerous than others, and they often defy DIY treatments. Besides being aggressive, some termites are also devious and starving, and only certified exterminators can eradicate them. Read More 

Top 3 Factors That Will Influence the Cost of Pest Control

26 May 2020
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Pest control is certainly a job that is best left to professionals who have not only the skills for it but also the equipment and the experience. That said, as a business owner or homeowner, how much the services will cost will, no doubt, be a top concern. How much you pay for pest control treatments and services will vary from one company to the next, and will depend on several factors. Read More