Possible Methods to Eliminate Termites From Your Home

25 May 2021
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Timber is used in many areas of a home. For example, many houses are built on a timber frame, around which various types of cladding are attached. Additionally, some buildings feature timber floorboards, decking or a wooden staircase. While wood is both functional and beautiful, it's susceptible to becoming fodder to termites who feast on wood. Termites tunnel inside timber elements and eat them from the inside out. If left unchecked, the wood can become hollow and weakened. If you're in doubt about your property, call an expert immediately, as termites can ruin a home within months. A termite control expert will typically apply one or two of several methods to eliminate termites, as explained below.

Localised Application

One treatment involves a termite extermination contractor applying termiticide to an area visibly infested. However, the problem with this option is that termites typically travel from a nest, where the queen can lay many thousands of eggs a day. Thus, other termites may attack alternate spots of untreated timber. Nevertheless, this method can be combined with more effective techniques, two of which follow.

Soil Treatment

Another option is to apply termiticide to the soil around and underneath a house. This creates a barrier to the termites who tunnel to a building from the earth underneath. This treatment is relatively long-term as the soil barrier can last for several years. However, contractors must be careful to cover all areas and not leave gaps through which the termites can travel unharmed. Therefore, they must seal the entire perimeter. In addition, some events can dilute the termiticide within the soil, for example, floods or leaky plumbing.


Another way to block termites from chewing through your house is for experts to lay bait in strategic spots. They can examine the activity from clues such as the mud tunnels that termites create and work out where to leave the bait. The termites will consume it and go back to the nest, where they'll spread the deadly poison. This termite extermination technique may need to be repeated annually by a pest control expert to protect your home. Thus, it doesn't last as long as a soil treatment. A pest control expert can advise on which methods will work best for your home after a thorough inspection. Regular termite inspections are wise, as if these timber lovers take on your home, they can cause massive damage before you even realise you have a problem.