Which Pest Control Measures Are Good For Termites?

29 December 2020
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Every year, termites cause many thousands of dollars worth of damage to both residential properties and commercial premises. They are found all over Australia and many species rarely come into contact with humans. However, some species like to make their colonies close to people which is when the problems tend to occur. If you know of termite infestations in your town or suburb, then these are the pest management steps you ought to be taking.

Chemically Defend Your Property

Most pest control professionals advise the use of pesticides to kill termites once they have entered a property. However, you can also use targeted pesticides that will help to prevent them from making their home on your land in the first place. The simplest way of doing this is to purchase some sprayable insecticide. One that allows other insect life to survive while only causing a problem for termites is best. Cut out a shallow trench in the ground around your property and spray your insecticide into it before covering it over. Any termite that crosses this invisible chemical barrier will soon die, meaning that no colony will survive for long.

Paint Any Exposed Timbers

Many people overlook how much termites like to live in the timbers you find in buildings. By painting them, you will make it much harder for these sorts of termites to burrow their way into the wood around your home or office building. Simply put, termites are more likely to find untreated timbers which provide more convenient access to the fibres within them attractive. If you don't want a painted finish, then a coat of clear varnish is just as effective. Remember that as paint ages, it will provide less of a protective barrier so you need to apply new coats every four or five years to keep termites at bay.

Remove Rotting Wood

Lots of subterranean termites like to make their nests under the ground beneath rotting wood. For this reason, it is a good idea to remove any material that they might find advantageous. For example, a highly recommended pest control measure would be to dig out root stumps from trees and shrubs. Termites like to live beneath them because they offer some protection as well as a source of food. Getting rid of piles of unused firewood is another good move. If you want your firewood to remain, then raise it off the ground to make the area less attractive to termites.

For more information, reach out to a local pest control service.