How Do You Know If There Are Termites In Your Garage?

25 March 2020
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Termites can get into any part of a house, but they seem to be particularly fond of garages. Perhaps this is because they can grow in number in unoccupied locations more easily while remaining undetected. If you wish to avoid a full infestation of these insects, then it is best to keep an eye open for their presence in all of your outbuildings, including your garage, of course. What are the telltale signs that you should look for during a garage termite inspection?

Look For Bore Holes

First of all, any of the timbers in your garage's construction will develop little boreholes when termites are inside. Drywood termites, which are prevalent in many parts of Australia, are renowned for boring their way into woodwork and eating it from the inside. Look closely for any marks that resemble those made by darts. If you see them, then knock on the wood. When it sounds solid, this is a good sign that your termites have not progressed far and you can call in a pest control team specialising in termite control to get rid of them. If it sounds hollow, on the other hand, then you may have some structural problems to deal with as well. Timber built garages can be totally destroyed by an influx of termites if they are left unchecked.

Listen For Clicking

Many professionals in termite control will tell you that one of the best ways of discovering termites are present is to sneak up on them. Many termites that make their homes close to people are quiet when they detect you are there. If you enter your garage in the dark without making a sound, then you may hear a faint clicking noise. Should this immediately cease when you turn a light on or start making a sound yourself, then it is highly likely that termites are rife. Since most garages are only rarely used, you need to schedule in regular trips to listen for this noise if you want to remain termite-free.

Flaking Paintwork

Another sign that you need some form of termite treatment is when your garage's paint starts to flake up prematurely. True, this can happen for other reasons but flaking and bubbling paint is often a sign that drywood termites are active. A good termite control measure is to keep all of your woodwork painted regularly. However, if you leave it too long before applying a new coat, then termites are often tempted to make their homes inside.