Four Dos And Don'ts Of Termite Control

29 February 2020
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Autumn is just around the corner, but that does not mean Australia's least favourite pest is taking a break for a few months. Unlike rodents who seek a quiet place to hide when it gets cold, termites keep on making a nuisance of themselves by finding new wood products to make their home in. Therefore, when your home is due for its annual termite control in autumn, it does not pay to delay this process. Before you make the phone call to your local pest control service, be reminded of these dos and don'ts surrounding the treatment process.

Do Remove Children and Pets On Treatment Day

While the chemicals used to prevent termites from getting access to your property are relatively low toxicity, it does not hurt to remove pets and young children from the home on the day of treatment if you can. Until the treatment spray dries, there is potential for your children or pets to touch the chemical and this may cause an adverse skin reaction. It pays to err on the side of caution and remove them from the treatment area if possible.

Don't Move Potentially Termite Infested Wood

Before treatment starts, you may be tempted to move wooden objects which are potentially infested with termites to another area on your property. However, this movement could spread the termites further around your property. Pest controllers can treat all areas of your home, so it is not necessary to move anything before their arrival.

Do Fix Entry And Exit Points

When you are paying to have termites eradicated by pest control, you want to make sure that they don't come back. So, before the spray date, have a look around your home to identify how the termites are entering and exiting your building. Cracks in the door and window frames are common entry points, and these can be repaired using products obtained at your local hardware store. During the treatment process, the pest controller will also keep their eyes open for potential entry points. Make a note of these so you can repair them as soon as possible.

Do Not Be Complacent

Regular termite control is needed to keep these pesky insects at bay. Once the treatment is done, do not be complacent and assume you do not need to be observant until next year's treatment. There is always the potential for a new termite colony to want to take up residence at your home, so keep your eyes peeled for signs of termite life so the controller can return and re-treat the area as is necessary